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Do you have a blog?

You can have a blog if you have at least 3 times a week to spare to write four sentences or more. It make take some time to think about what to write but there are so many things you can choose from. Why not write about your hobby, your business or about products you like or dislike. Its a cool way to make money if you get good at it.


Future Plans Anyone?

This is a new wave. I envision humans working from home and robots ruling the world. I am looking forward to voicemails straight from the T.V. with remote control buttons to tune people in or out. Whatever the future brings we are thinking of new ways to deal with the bad economy. If you have time on your hands make a plan for the just in incase this happens to me plan.

Can This Shopping Network Work?

Check out this great site called Blastoff Network! It’s a free online shopping network that pays you cash back every time you OR your friends shop online! There are over 600 popular stores, great travel sites, unsurpassed wireless deals, and even merchant specials for greater savings! I realize when someting is new, its old. All of the hoopla has died down. Still yet I try and see if this will work, so that I can share it with you.

Blogging For Dollars

I recently found out that you could make money by becoming blogging. You don’t need a website unless you want to own the words on your blog. Publishers and advertisers are watching to see who have the best content and followers.

You Want to Buy My Domain?

I was offered $15,000 to sell my domain. I was told that I had to use thier domain name appraiser before he would buy it. He recommend his appraisers website for me to check out. When I did and I tried to use the contact link. It did not work. When I tried to use the email function. It did not work. Is it a scam? It sounds like one to me.

My Mystery Shopping Money Making Bloop

I did two mystery shops on the same day, same company, different store. Well it was interesting that the first store mention that their special was $79 and the second store said that their price was $99 with $20 off. I rather go for the first deal. Why? The caculation was done for me. Thats customer service. I could have schedule this shop on a seperate day but I wanted to get it out of the way. I had to give my address both times. That was the bloop. It had to be typed in the computer. I thought to myself. Technology and software could have alerted the other store that I had my addressed searched about an hour ago. I should have used a different address.

Soon To Come – Twitter Adds Ads

Say that fast 20 times. They are trying to figure out how to make money now that they are a house hold name in thier game. I thought they would have figured that out a long time ago when they first started the company. One day maybe the will charge us to pay for commercial free ads. See it was not hard I thought of that just this moment.

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